Kiss Me Once and Kiss Me Twice Then Kiss Me Once Again

Me On the Pathway Home

Where do we go from here?

  1. I will tell my story. I will share my fears, my joys, the rewards and the costs. I will share m story so that others can learn it isn’t impossible to gain new life.
  2. I will tell others’ stories. I will tell of other recipients. I will tell of donors and the loved ones they leave behind. I will celebrate their redemption or merely their generosity of soul and body.
  3. I will talk of practicalities. Giving an organ is scary. Getting an organ is scary. Those fears need to be spoken to. 35,000 extra people die each year for want of a donor organ.God knows how many die because they simply don’t know this option is open to them.
  4. I will talk of cost. How many die because they can’t pay for the treatment that keeps them healthy enough to receive or donate? How many just can’t pay for the operation or the extensive follow-up care, care that runs for the rest of their lives? I will explore why it is that we don’t care enough for our fellow that we make paying for this miracle possible for everyone who can benefit by it.
  5. I will draw in providers-doctors, nurses, technicians, cooks, maintenance people who protect our lives by sheltering our immunocompromised bodies from germs and infection. They will be sought out to answer questions, to comment on my stories and others to correct misimpressions or offer alternative interpretations.
  6. I will bring controversy. I will talk about God and politics, the freedom we all enjoy versus the duty we owe each other for the enjoyment of that freedom.




In 1998 I had a heart attack. I remember the ED doc telling me “You probably won’t die tonight.” I didn’t.

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Mark Golub

Mark Golub

In 1998 I had a heart attack. I remember the ED doc telling me “You probably won’t die tonight.” I didn’t.

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