What is it about doctors that they feel the need to remind patients that they’re in control over prescribing relief by reducing doses to the point they hardly do the job. My pain pills are now timed for one every eight hours and the Ativan is also every eight hours but the dose is so small it doesn’t come anywhere near controlling the emotional upheaval I am going through every couple days. Due to my old heart disease and a case of spinal stenosis, a disease in which the spinal canal narrows, with calcium deposits growing and impinging on the spinal cord constantly, I have taken pain pills for over twenty years. I have taken benzos off and on for the same amount of time. In that two dcades, I have had zero incidents of overuse or growing dependence. and they give absolutely no consideration to the experience and track record of responsible and careful use I have maintained. Quite frankly, it’s insulting.

This is one of my favorite paintings because there is no room for misunderstanding its meaning to someone in unremitting pain



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