In 1998 I had a heart attack. In the ED, the cardiologist told me “You probably won’t die tonight.” I didn’t

This blog is about transplants. It's about taking broken bodies and replacing dysfunctional parts with working parts. For too many people, the process and the principles of transplant are a mystery, fraught with fear based by misinformation or lack of information. I want to get people talking about organ donation, organ transplantation, and access to resources. It's for donors, donor families, recipients, care providers, and, importantly, for people who can provide financial support for treatment, research, and education.

I got my new heart on April 13, 2022. I feel a duty to honor my donor and to honor the forces that saved my life. Talk to me. Ask questions, tell stories, be part of an extended circle of life.

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In 1998 I had a heart attack. I remember the ED doc telling me “You probably won’t die tonight.” I didn’t.